The field of orthopedics encompasses the non-operative and operative
treatments of musculoskeletal disorders, including those of the spine.  Because
of the complexities, however, most general orthopedists do not perform spinal
surgeries.  Instead, usually only those who pursue additional training, called a
fellowship, in spinal disorders carry out these operations.  

Fortunately, Dr. Chang received a solid foundation in spine care at New York
University Medical Center, and then completed his training at State University of
New York-Syracuse Medical Center, one of the nation’s top spine fellowship
programs.  Under the direction of Dr. Hansen Yuan, an internationally renowned
spine surgeon and past president of the North American Spine Society, Dr.
Chang had gained valuable insight in understanding spinal anatomy, function,
and form as they relate to the whole person.  Even though mastering precise
surgical skills, Dr. Chang had learned to value non-operative care.  
Correspondingly, less than ten percent of Dr. Chang’s patients have undergone
surgery since he has been in private practice.  

Yet while emphasizing a non-operative approach, Dr. Chang continues to perform
among the most spinal surgeries in the Chicago area.  This extensive volume of
cases has translated not only into technical proficiency but also innovative ideas
to make surgeries safer and more effective.  His vast experience has not gone
unnoticed.  Dr. Chang is a much sought-after speaker for regional and national
conferences.  In addition, numerous spinal companies have requested his input
and advice on new implant and instrumentation designs.  Throughout his career,
Dr. Chang has earned a strong reputation for the highest professional and ethical
Dr. Chang at work.